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Relationships: Grow your audience engagement & enhance your influence in any of your platforms.

Reach: Connect your community with offerings from the top CE provider in our field for over 40 years!

Revenue: Earn a percentage of every sale you bring in... so you can earn revenue even as you sleep!


How does it work?

Step 1: Sign Up
We provide a free powerful affiliate management system that gives you self service options.

Step 2: Select the best training for you 
Find the course that resonates with your audience. You'll be able to leverage our marketing materials to promote it. 

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You can share your link in an email, text, newsletter, website or blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media site. 

Step 4: Get Paid
When a purchase is made from your link, you'll earn a percentage! 

Whether you're an expert at affiliate marketing or just starting out, you'll get all the free tools you need to succeed...

  • A step-by-step guide you get to keep: Download it here.
  • Access to an easy-to-use customized partner portal
  • A schedule of limited-time offers where you get to offer the lowest price possible.. and earn up to 50% payouts! 
  • Everything you need to promote our trainings in your e-mail newsletters, LinkedIn, Instagram or any social media 
  • Monthly training webinars and hands-on help from marketing experts

FREE Monthly Webinars: Topics We'll Cover...
Stay tuned for the next webinar in May 2023! 

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•  Growing your social media audience with TikTok & Instagram reels:  Using expertly crafted PESI messages within reels to create authentic, unique viral content. 
•  Sharing not sellingHow/when/where/what to engage an audience with the power of your expertise and PESI's unique offers.
•  Automate your offers to achieve growth and freedom: Let's improve setup so it's even easier and faster for you to earn, wherever you are, even if it's in bed or on vacation! 
•  More opportunities, more growth: Maintaining your elite insider status with first peaks at online summits, premier speaker events, live and in person conferences, and other exclusive offers. 

2023 FREE Step-by-Step Tutorials:

Webinar #1 (Jan 2023): Introduction & Next Steps Webinar Recording is Ready!
•  Learn more about PESI Global Partnership... and how you (and your practice) can benefit from affiliate marketing!
•  Get easy steps on how to navigate our partner portal: How to select an offer. Then, set it up for you to share. Let's understand the payout process, and demystify "the metrics" dashboards. 
Click here for the full recording 

Webinar #2 (March 2023): Tutorial with Cindi Lockhart, RDN  and Michael Chua, PT, DPT
•  Part I: we walk through step-by-step how to get your offer setup, download and use graphics, hashtags and other social media assets.  See the best price that you get to share right now for: Food as Medicine Certification and Autism Certification. Plus, both courses offer a limited-time 50% payout to YOU!  (drops down to 15% after April 17th!).
•  Part II: Get Cindi's insider access into the Food as Medicine content. You get to share her exclusive insights in your social media posts or emails!
•  Part III: Learn Dr. Mike's strategies on how to parlay your clinical knowledge into content that generates THOUSANDS of visitors instantly. 
Click here for the full recording